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Muda waste wastefulness. Through years of experience, we have come to understand that it is not possible to have a completely waste-free digital organisation. We have however identified the key wastes of ‘wastefulness’ that digital organisations frequently suffer from that affect their digital projects. Lean Mean Digital can offer solutions to you and your business that look to minimise these wastes.

Using the mnemonic ‘WASTED’, these wastes can be more easily remembered:

Waiting: parts of project needing to be complete before the next stage can begin

Apple polishing: parts of a project in progress which the client is not going to get any more value from or willing to pay for if further enhanced

Stuff: assets which are redundant due to being obsolete, in duplicate, no longer fit-for-purpose and serve no current or likely future value

Travelling: parts of project that cannot continue being produced due to time being spent away from the areas where project value is being directly derived from

Early finishing: parts of a project that have been completed way before the next stage can begin

Defects: parts of a project that are deemed not fit-for-purpose and require re-factoring

Lean Mean Digital has developed techniques to locate and address these key areas. These techniques, along with a hand-picked set of systems and tools, make up the Agilesque™ framework that has been developed by us specifically for companies in the digital sector.

Lean Mean Digital has developed this offering inline with the provenance of the Japanese ‘Muda’ lean principle used over the years by some of the worlds greatest organisations.

Your company, clients and your people can therefore entrust that Lean Mean Digital will strive to enhance your digital operation based on a tried and tested internationally renowned formula.

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